Investor Relations

A Forever Page

is devoted to precious Eli
from Oren Development LLC
for regardfully selling us
our premium domain name

This page is published here forever as the sign of our gratitude to the Seller.

Dear Eli,

endless thanks again for our cooperation and the Deal.

Our beautiful world is full of grand opportunities. And these opportunities are real because of such brilliant and honest people like You. Precious Eli, I will always thank You for the opportunity that You discovered for me, for my Family and my community.

I will always gratefully remember this good deed that You have done. Please take care of everyone around, dear Partner and Friend. I'll do my best to make such an interesting, important and centuries-long-living website, worthy of Your trust, Eli.

Best regards,
Sergey Snajney,
general directror of IR7, LLC


Investor Relations

a promice recorded on July 4, 2020

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